The Paranormal Photography

Corrine Gretton-West is a UK based unit stills and portrait photographer specialising in paranormal and horror productions, paranormal team headshots and promotional photography. She has worked on various productions such as the Travel Channel’s Most Terrifying Places.

Corrine is also co-founder, photographer and camera operator of Lecor Paranormal, who are a midlands based paranormal investigation team. She also works with other paranormal teams to help with research into paranormal activity.

With 9 years experience as a professional photographer, and over 15 years experience as a paranormal investigator, Corrine brings her two worlds together to create The Paranormal Photographer. She does guest appearances and talks at paranormal events around the country, as well as articles on all things paranormal and photography.

Corrine has a monthly show on the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre Live Feeds along with other talented people in the industry.

Feel free to submit your photo/video for discussion on the Paranormal Photographer Facebook Group or on our contact page.

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